Big Bad Wolf is a creative storytelling agency with bite. We create provocative brand stories that excite people, giving brands an edge and bringing them to life across physical and digital channels.

Creative Thinking

Nobody wants to read a story about a little girl going to visit her grandmother; there’s nothing interesting about that. But once you put a wolf in the story, it all starts getting a bit more exciting. 

Getting people to notice your brand is about creatively storytelling; the team at Big Bad Wolf can help you make it relevant and compelling, then bring it to life through physical and digital experiences. Then we all live happily ever after. 


Real-world experiences are where the magic happens, whether it’s in a retail store, in an airport, or in a unique and disruptive space. We’re really good at creating fun, immersive and sensory experiences that people enjoy and tell their friends about. 


Digital is part of every brand story – sometimes at the heart of the tale, and sometimes playing a supporting role to a physical experience. Our digi team understands how this synergy works, and will help you deliver engaging, effective digital activations. 

Brand Communication

The lovely team in our studio come from all kinds of creative backgrounds, including branding, graphics and copywriting. We’ll bring their talents together to create brand communications that tell your story and make your brand shine. 


Physical environments are where brands and customers come together, and if we get it right it can be the beginning of a beautiful thing. We know all there is to know about retail, third space, architectural design and interiors, and can help you create an activation that gets noticed and gets results. 

Art Direction

Great stories need attention to detail, otherwise it starts to lose the plot. That’s where our Art Directors come in, working across digital, video, animation and photography to deliver compelling and consistent visual assets.

PR Events

Product launches, pop-ups and PR events are three of our favourite things – it’s a great opportunity to push the creative boundaries and do something truly unforgettable. We’ve helped launch and promote some huge global brands over the years, in some unique and extraordinary spaces. 


We may not be web designers or social managers at Big Bad Wolf, but we do a great job of creating content so you can amplify your brand story, event or experiential activation through digital channels.

Technical Expertise

Research and development

Production & Implementation

Project Management