Global TR launch for a new luxury blended whisky in Changi

The task

We are thrilled to have the privilege of collaborating with William Grant & Sons for the global travel retail launch of Wildmoor Blended Scotch Whisky, in partnership with Lotte Duty Free. This momentous occasion marked the unveiling of a truly groundbreaking new whisky brand, inspired by Scotland’s awe-inspiring ancient moorlands, rugged coastlines, dense forests, and unspoiled mountain ranges.


Retail Strategy

Customer Journey


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Circle Square brand device

Our majestic and captivating activation in Changi T1 transports travellers into the enchanting realm of Wildmoor, immersing them in the splendour of the Scottish wilderness through its grandiose footprint and exquisite design details.

As visitors cross the threshold, they are instantly enveloped by a colossal LED screen that whisks them away into the breathtaking landscapes that served as the muse for each meticulously crafted blend. This immersive experience sets the scene for an unforgettable journey through uncharted flavours, combining digital storytelling with olfactory engagement to delve deeper into the narrative behind each opulent blend.

The next destination on their expedition sits at the heart of the activation—an exquisite pop-up bar, serving as a welcoming centrepiece. Here, travellers' taste buds embark on an adventure to discover a wilderness encapsulated in every precious drop of these masterfully crafted blends. With an exclusive liquid-on-lips whisky-tasting experience, travellers are transported to the very essence of Wildmoor's unique approach to flavour, unbound by traditional whisky regions.

As the final step on their remarkable odyssey, traveler's are presented with the opportunity to reward themselves with exclusive gift-with-purchase options and a personalisation service, ensuring that their inaugural encounter with Wildmoor would forever be remembered as an experience of unrivalled distinction and sophistication.

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