Hainan Drinks Expo.

The task

The Hainan Expo is the drinks event in the far east where brands set their trajectory for the coming years.  With every major player bringing their best, Bacardi challenged Big Bad Wolf to create something that would not only stand out from the competition, but also provide an inspiring and compelling sales experience for delegates. The real challenge? Do it for all their brands in one space at a show that traditionally only presents single brands.



Concept design

Event design


Interactive design


Technical design

Circle Square brand device

With no core identity to work from, bringing together dozens of diverse brands across a sprawling range of categories provided the challenge. To create coherence and inject personality, we went back to the heart of Bacardi’s stable of brands; their homes. Two interlocking distillery inspired structures, one open and one enclosed provided the framework and backdrop for the space. Inserted into the structure, oversized digital screens created dynamic movement and provided the draw.

Stepping inside, delegates could explore different categories of brands across a range of spaces and experience a both in-person and digital activations that brought to life individual brands and wider categories. From vapour filled cloches to AR educational experiences, the stand was packed with interaction and activity designed to support the Bacardi team in engaging their potential customers.

The open framework structure provided space for delegates to explore the brands at their own pace, whilst the enclosed structure became an events space where delegates could be wowed with guided, digitally enhanced tastings and talks from the makers themselves. At the back of the space, a private room provided a quiet space away from the bustle of the stand for the discussion of deals.

The stand was a roaring success, becoming the talk of the Expo and resulting in queues around the hall to get inside. On the back of this success, Bacardi invited Big Bad Wolf to bring back an enhanced version of the stand for the following year with even more engagement and activity.

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