Bombay Sapphire

English Estate launch experience.

The task

Over the years, our work with Bombay Sapphire has delivered some of the industry’s best activations.  As a client, they’re always looking to go further and do more, and we’re always happy to take on the challenge. For the launch of their Limited Edition English Estate, our clients wanted to try something never seen before and capture the experience of drinking a Bombay & Tonic in a bubble.


Technical design


Circle Square brand device

Working with creative technologists and in collaboration with their lead creative agency, we developed a ground-breaking process to not only turn this unique product into an enticing vapour, but to then put that vapour into a giant quivering bubble. The bubble, dropped from the ceiling to burst on a guest’s hand, would form the centrepiece of the experience, attracting consumers in with a theatrical display and creating an unforgettable and shareable moment.

Building on this foundation, we worked with expert partners and the brand’s creative agency to deliver a consumer experience that immersed consumers into the world of the product. Working with local mixologists, we developed captivating cocktails for consumers to try and flavoured vapour taps to add an unexpected finishing twist to them. The space was wrapped in botanicals and herbs to create a richly sensorial experience that captured the essence of the product.

The whole experience was housed within a structure inspired by the classic English Glasshouse and taking reference from the brand’s iconic home at Laverstoke. Swooping curved forms, bold coloured highlights and tiered structures wrapped around the space, capturing the eye and creating the perfect backdrop for the bubble centrepiece.

Through a blend of ground-breaking technology, creative engineering and service design, we delivered a consumer experience that not only delights and amazes, but also delivers ROI through sales uplift.

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