DFS Group

Experiential retail store Hainan.

The task

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Chinese consumers were restricted from travelling internationally. Hainan, the duty-free zoned island, provided a much-needed escape. For their flagship retail experience on the island, DFS and Shenzen Duty Free wanted to give domestic travellers a new and exciting experience. So, rising to the challenge, Big Bad Wolf took them around ‘The World in a Day’.



Concept design


Interactive design


Circle Square brand device

Working with DFS and Shenzhen Duty Free, we created a ground-breaking experiential store within the Haikou Mission Hills Duty-Free Complex that gave consumers a taste of the exploration and discovery they’d been missing out on. Inspired by DFS’s flagship locations, we brought locations to life through architectural expression, sculptural installation, and rich sense of place content.

Each inspiring location became the home for a different department; the iconic Fondaco in Venice for fashion, the echoing galleries of Macau for watches or the bustling streets of Paris for beauty. Each space was infused with local architectural character and a striking centrepiece, such as a sailing boat or a hot air balloon. Screen and audio content not only added to the sense of place but would also change throughout the day to reflect the moment the consumer was in.

To ensure the space was more than just a beautiful backdrop, rich interaction was woven into every part of the journey. Upon arrival, visitors can download a custom-made retail companion to support them throughout their experience. Each space has its own immersive digital experience, such as a holographic journey through the history of luxury watch making, or a motion tracking shoal of fish to play with.

This cutting-edge store demonstrates DFS Group’s leadership in global luxury whilst creating the kind of experience for their consumers that they’d been craving. Our concept sets the bar for DFS’s global retail experience and helps to keep them at the forefront of consumer engagement.

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