Hacienda Patrón.

The task

With the tequila market booming, Patrón came to us with a brief to help position them at the forefront of consumer’s minds. The brand wanted to grow their presence and elevate perception by shining a light on the craftsmanship, history and heritage of Patrón Tequila in their biggest activation to date.  Inspired by their historic brand home, we worked in partnership with the brand’s lead creative agency to deliver Hacienda Patrón, a rich and explorative journey into their world.



Interactive design


Technical design


Circle Square brand device

Scanning a QR code at entry unlocks a virtual tour of the Patrón Hacienda in Jalisco, seen through the eyes of a bee, the symbol of the brand. Stepping inside, brand ambassadors are on hand to guide you through the Patrón harvesting, distillation and bottling process. Each step is supported through digital interaction that adds richness and context. Guests can explore videos and stories that give greater detail, whilst those interested in recreating cocktails can get recipes and tips.

As well as digital interaction, Hacienda Patrón offers richly personal service that reflects the 62 hands it takes to produce every bottle. Guests are treated to handmade tequila cocktails including a Margarita, Paloma and Old Fashioned, whilst those making a purchase can see it lovingly prepared and wrapped at a dedicated gifting station.

The central structure takes inspiration from the Piña Agave, the heart of the Agave plant, which jimadors harvest to create Patrón. Recreating the beautiful and complex shape created by nature presented a unique challenge in itself. Using steamed marine ply with compound curves, we were able to build a structure that balanced the beauty of the natural form with a modern and contemporary style.

Versatility and flexibility are built into the design, allowing it to transform throughout its residency. The space can respond to brand relevant events such as Día de los Muertos, as well as a variety of broader consumer relevant holidays.

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